Chapter one:

Up until the age of 11 there had been no signs that there was anything wrong with me,to look at me you’d have seen a happy,healthy little girl, until I started complaining that I couldn’t breathe propely whilst running or excercising. My Mum would tell me I probably just had a cold and I would go back to whatever it was that I was doing.  I’m not sure how long this went on for before she decided that something wasnt right and booked an appointment to see the local GP only that it happened to fall on the same day that things started to become more noticeable.I’d gone swimming with my school and had had to get out of the pool after the teacher noticed me struggling to catch my breath, I told her that my chest was really hurting so she made the decision not to let me get back in again. Back at school I was in the playground after lunch when a teacher came and told me that my mum had come to pick me up and take me to the doctors. Even after all these years I still think how weird a coincidence it was.

After checking my blood pressure and listening to my heart the Doctor told me that he was going to refer me to my local hospital for some more tests. To make this long story a little bit shorter I was then referred to a specialist hospital in London after having a blood test and a scan. Maybe I should’ve been scared or worried but I was actually kind of excited as I had never been to London before and I wasnt aware how bad things actually were. For the next few months I went for regular appointments in London and carried on as normal, still blissfully unaware of how ill I actually was,my parents told me that I needed to be careful that I wasn’t allowed to overexert  myself,being the stubborn child that I was I didnt listen and still ran around doing all the things I was warned not to behind their backs.Around March they told me that we were going to visit a different hospital,one especially for children and that we’d be staying there for a week or so. After a few days of having tests and scans and speaking to the doctors,they told me that they were going to do a little procedure called a biopsy, this was the first time i’d ever had any type of operation. I woke up after the procedure on the ITU very sore and tired.The day after I was taken to a playroom with someone called a “play specialist” whilst my parents were  talking with the doctor, about half an hour later I was taken to a little room with a sofa and loads of pamphlets lying around, one of my favourite nurses sat me down and told me that I was very sick and that I needed to have a heart transplant she went on to tell me all about it,I cant really remember much of the conversation after it must’ve been the shock. Maybe you’re wondering why it wasn’t my Mum and Dad who told me? I’ve never asked them why, I don’t need to I can only imagine how hard it must be as a parent to be faced with telling your child something like that. In my parents case they just couldn’t. I dont think it ever actually sunk in for me to be quite honest as everything happened so quickly after that. Just three weeks later on June 4th  we were woken by a phone call at 1’0clock in the morning telling us that there was a car on its way to our home and that we needed to be at the hospital within 3 hours as they had a possible match.

There is too much I want to write about this part of my life,the only way I can tell it all is if I write another blog post or two about it. I will definitely do that at some point.

Daniella x x

Chapter 2:  “Dont worry Mum

Chapter 2.5 : Up and at em

Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Making Decisions 

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