Chapter 2.5 : Up and at em

Getting up and moving after more than a week of laying in bed was never going to be easy. For me it was a little harder than normal. I was unaware that whilst I was alseep one of the doctors had noticed that my feet had dropped and my toes were touching the bed.

Imagine trying to learn to walk again with your feet stuck in a constant tiptoe position. Not easy. Now imagine doing that when every joint in your body is stiff and you’re on a bunch of painkillers after having your chest cut open.Pure hell. I’ll be the first to admit I was a nightmare patient, whenever the physio set foot into my room I would go into a massive tantrum I would scream and cry until I was red in the face. Not that it did any good I still had to do my excercises.

When I was eventually moved from the ITU and onto a ward it got a little better I had more motivation to get moving again. I set a goal to be able to walk to the end of the ward so I could sit in the tv lounge. Learning how to balance on tiptoes was tiring,but I managed and after a few days achieved my goal.

The physios set me my next goal to climb a couple of steps. My parents were staying in the parent accomadation and I really wanted to be able to go and spend time with them there. To do so they made a deal I’d have to be able to climb the stairs, now I had my motivation. It was hard work I was taken to a staircase at least twice a day were I would be made to step up and down the bottom step at first five times, then ten ,then fifteen. Until I built up enough strength to make it to the next step. By the end of the week I could climb the whole flight of stairs albeit it took some time and it left me exhausted but I’d done it I’d acheived my next goal. I spent whatever time I was allowed with my parents in their room after that.
Four and a half weeks after my transplant I was told I was well enough to go home. The doctors were under the impression that the tendons in my legs had tightened after being immobile and with enough physio to loosen them my feet would eventually go back to normal. So on July 7th I was released from hospital thinking that that was I was better. That was only the end of chapter 2 of my journey.
Daniella x x

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