They like to play hide and seek 

I have never been an easy person to get blood from,when I was younger the only place they ever seemed to get it from was my hands, but the years of sticking needles in them has left the veins scarred and now its very rare to get any from there. Most people have the best veins in their arms yet for some reason mine never have been.

So when it comes to taking blood its not easy I’ve had six different people try on one ocassion. A couple of years ago it got to point where the doctor decided to use this ultrasound machine thingy to find a good vein before trying and it actually worked there was no blindly sticking needles in. Whenever I go into hospital now I’m always quick to tell them how hard it is to get blood from me and that I’ve found the best way is with that machine. Sometimes they don’t listen though and ask if its okay to “have one try as I think I see a good vein”  I know I have the right to say “no” but I dont like to cause a fuss so I always let them. I’ll admit once or twice they have managed. But more often than not they try and get nothing so they try again and again. (That was a funny “just once”)

Maybe I’m being over dramatic but after a while it can get a bit much. My arms are already covered in scars so I’d prefer not to have someone sticking needle after needle in without results because they “think” they can see one. Please just bring the ultrasound and be sure you can see one before you inflict that “sharp scratch” upon me. I don’t say it because I dont think your capable of doing your job I say it because I know myself better than you. I’ve been here before and I’d prefer to save myself from the discomfort.

So please next time I ask don’t just ask me if you can “try just once” I’m not being a difficult patient on purpose my veins just like to play hide and seek.

Sorry for the rant I’ve been in and out of hospital for the past few weeks and after all the “sharp scratches” my veins are pretty sore.

Daniella x x

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