Curiosity Is A Special Thing

It’s not often that a stranger asks me about my disability so when someone does I find it difficult to answer.

A couple of days ago I was out shopping with my Mum and a friend when  a little girl asked me why I was in a wheelchair. I find it extremely hard to answer this question when an adult asks so I struggled to think a way to answer her in a way that a child might understand, in the end all I could think of to answer her with was “I can’t walk” the shortest way to explain the many things wrong with my body. I don’t think this completely satisfied her curiosity as she went on to ask about my tracheostomy,again I replied with the shortest most simple answer I could think of “it helps me to breathe”.

Some people might think it rude of the little girl to have asked these questions,but I think it’s perfectly natural. She wasn’t asking to hurt me she was asking because she could see that there was something wrong with me and she wanted to know what,as any child would. She was just curious. The thing that annoys me the most is that I didn’t answer her more thoroughly.

I know not every child would choose to ask me about my illness,but the truth is I would welcome it. If a child doesn’t feel free to ask questions how will they ever discover the world?

A curious mind is a wonderful thing.

Daniella x x

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