Can You “Get Used” To Pain?

A few weeks ago I was waiting in line to pay whilst out shopping  when I noticed the lady in front staring at me. It made me kind of uncomfortable not knowing what she was thinking so I talked to my Mum in a bid to take my mind off of the woman, when she suddenly moved closer and asked “doesn’t it hurt?” she asked this question with such concern in her voice and face that for a few seconds I was too shocked to answer. She was askng me if my neck hurts. Because due to my Scoliosis it is stuck constantly leaning to one side. For the first time I actually answered truthfully that Yes it does hurt,but after a while I’d kind of got used to it.

Which brings me to this blog post. I’ve often wondered if the pain I regularly experience and “got used to” would be considered bad to someone else? Have I just gradually over the years become numb to it? I know people have different pain thresholds and there are certain things that bring tears to my eyes,but would my aches and pains rate highly on somone elses scale of 1-10?  Maybe after so many years pain has become part of my daily life and yes I did eventually Get used to it and it makes me sad because I know that there are so many people out there who will understand what that’s like.


Daniella x x


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