My Top 23 Playlist

It’s my 23rd birthday this Saturday (I’m getting old) so I thought I’d do another post like my post from last year “22 Random Facts About Me”  but this time I’m sharing my 23 Top songs atm (this is subject to change as time goes on obvs), you lucky lucky people…

23.  Things I’ll Never Say – Avril Lavigne 

22. I think we’re alone now – Tiffany

21. Sweater weather – The Neighbourhood

20. Emergency – Paramore

19. Wild world – Cat Stevens

18. Moon river – Audrey Hepburn

17. Ironic – Alanis Morisette 

16. Louder – Neon Jungle

15. Don’t let me get me – Pink

14. Rise – Gabrielle

13. Rhiannon – Stevie Nicks

12. Little Me – Little Mix

11. Pure Shores – All Saints

10. Wings – Birdy

9. Glory & gore – Lorde

8. Angels – Robbie Williams

7. Worship – Years & Years

6. Arabella – Arctic Monkeys 

5. Miss Nothing –  Pretty Reckless

4. Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

3. You can’t Rely –  Counterfeit

2. Hey Angel  – One Direction

1. Ultraviolet – The Stiff Dylans

You have no idea how hard it was to make this list! Picking 23 when there are so many songs I love is more difficult than I imagined. Well it’s done now although I know I’ll think of other songs that should’ve been on here later…

What would be on your top 23? 

Daniella x x

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