Landaaan Night Out/ Fangirling & Cramps

Hey there how’s it going? Wow the last  week have been pretty mixed up for me as last Friday  I was lucky enough to go to Youtuber Jack Maynards MilliParty in celebration of him hitting 1 Million subscribers, I had the Best Night! Not only was it an awesome party,but I managed to meet him too! Even though I didn’t manage to grab a VIP ticket I hung around after the party hoping to see him (like your typical fangirl) after 10 minutes or so of waiting in the cold (erm what is with this unseasonably cold weather?!) someone from his team came and handed me a lanyard and said  “I don’t know whether this is of any use to you,but it’s Jacks Access all areas pass” OMG! Of course I took it with a big thank you and went back to waiting with all the other super excited people. After another 5 or so minutes a really lovely lady came over and told me that Jack would only be another 10 minutes and that he said he’d meet me!!!! I was Buzzing! And he did! They let me in and I got a selfie and he was just so nice! He told me my hair was awesome and that I’d stood out from the crowd, whilst I just sat there stuck for words and happier than I’d been in ages. I didn’t get home from London until 2 o clock in the morning but it was so worth it to be able to have a fun night out!

Traveling is a big deal for me as I have a lot of medical equipment I have to take with me everywhere I go due to having a tracheostomy and as you can imagine that can be quite tricky. When I brought the tickets for the MilliParty I made the decision to leave my comfort zone knowing I’d have to get a train there and back, which I haven’t done for years because trains were especially stressful, but you know what? It wasn’t difficult at all! Even catching the midnight train was surprisingly easy. My new found confidence with traveling has made me so excited for the many journeys I’m now planning!



But last week I was struck with a 24 hour sickness bug :/ which unfortunately triggered whatever problem I had with my stomach (the doctors still haven’t diagnosed anything a year on) and I was left with severe stomach cramps and bloating for the rest of the week, let me tell you bloating is uncomfortable for anyone,but add to that scoliosis and breathing issues and you have a whole other type of discomfort as bloating causes my stomach to push against my diaphragm. Yuck.  So after an awesome weekend and being on a high from the party I was thrown back down to earth with a week of discomfort and self pity! Oh the joys of chronic illness haha!

But this isn’t a post full of woes as I’m better now and back to appreciating the beauty and joy I get to experience. Because no matter what black clouds may appear I’ll find some sunshine.

All my love Daniella x x

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