Growing Up & Taking The Reins

I bought myself a cute little planner a couple of weeks ago not expecting to actually use it as I’m really bad when it comes to keeping a diary/journal I tend to get bored after a couple of pages (you’re probably asking why I bought it then? Well as I said it was really cute so how could I not?!) but I’ve actually found this one really handy and I bloomin love it!

I’ve changed so much this year in so many little ways, and honeslty I’m feeling so much better about myself, so much more in control. Although I’m not in control of my health or my body, I feel like I’m finally taking the reins and steering myself in a new direction , maybe even the right direction. Although I’m still unsure of where I want this blog to go or what kind of blog it’s meant to be! I’m going to try my hardest to keep it updated and who knows maybe next year I’ll have steered myself somewhere exciting to be writing about?

I’ve written a few goals out in my planner we’ll just have to wait and see whether I reach them at some point in the future.

All my love Daniella x x

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