My Little Project & University?! 

It’s me again!

Yikes time has well and truly flown by since my last post. And for once that’s because I’ve been a busy bee! Busy doing what you may ask? Weeeelll back in June/July I enrolled on an Open University course! That happens to be a massive deal for me, my education had to be pushed to second place when my health started deteriorating so when it came to exams I missed out on a lot. I’d been debating attending University on and off since I was 18, but my health has always got in the way and it’s never felt right. So when I heard about the Open University I read up on it and it just seemed like the perfect fit. I’m currently studying The Arts past and present, but I’m working towards English Literature and Creative Writing next year! It’s so exciting to be learning again,but super stressful at the same time. That’s what’s so good about The Open University because it’s an online Uni I do most of the work at home and get to study at my own pace (albeit I still have deadlines and assignments!) I’ve been to two in person lectures and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed them, I suffer from anxiety when I’m thrown into new situations and when I’m in crowds or just around people I don’t know,but after the first half an hour or so I settled in and started feeling comfortable. It helped massively that my tutor group is quite small and my tutor is very friendly and understanding. She has on both occasions talked to me after the lecture to make sure I’ve been able too understand everything and that she made everthing accessible and that I felt included . I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes me, my first assignment is due on the 10th of November wish me luck!

Since October that has been taking up a lot of my time. But there’s also another reason for the neglect of my Blog. Back in August I set up a project called Spoonie Book Boxes.

The Spoonie Book Boxes Logo

“Spoonie Book Boxes aims to send boxes of books to anyone living with a Chronic illness/mental illness/disability within the UK.”

Every package I have sent (17 so far!) has been and will continue to be completely free to the recipient. I do this because reading is something very important to me I have written about my love for books in a previous post, which you can read here – It’s my safety blanket .

Below is an explanation as to why I set this up which I posted on the Spoonie Book Boxes Instagram

I’ll go into more detail about my project very soon, but I just wanted to update everyone on what I’ve been doing. I also have a whole bunch of pictures and an unfinished post from back in late July when I went on an spontaneous day trip to London! I need to finish that and post it as soon as possible…

What have you all been doing? Have you recently started University? Or have you got any book suggestions? More importantly has anyone been watching the new series of Riverdale, Stranger Things and/or American Horror Story?! Leave me a comment or Get in touch

All my love as always

Daniella x x

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Facebook:  @spooniebooksboxes


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2 thoughts on “My Little Project & University?! 

  1. These are both incredible accomplishments. I’m actually blown away and also cheering in my mind for you right now. I just left a hospital appointment that destroyed me and this has restored my hope for humanity a little bit. In a word… “Wow”

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