2017 On Reflection

The year seems to have just wizzed by with barely any time to stop and take note of everything that happened. One thing I can say though is that, as with every other year it’s had its ups and downs.

2017 started off on a low, but somewhere along the line things changed…. in me.

2017 has truly been the year of a new me. I’ve taken steps (metaphorically of course) in a new direction and achieved things I wouldn’t have even considered a year ago.

2017 saw me:

  • Start a University course
  • Travel to London for a spontaneous day out
  • Travel to London for a Night out!
  • Set up Spoonie Book Boxes

My achievements may not be as great as other peoples, but they happen to be huge for me. A year ago I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do any of these things. But not only did I do them, I did them well!

When I enrolled on the University course I went into it thinking that I’d be lucky just to scrape by, but I’ve submitted 2 assignments so far and I’m actually doing great! And my London trips have increased my Wanderlust so much that I’ve already purchased tickets to 2 concerts in London for 2018, and I’ll definitely be taking more day trips in the Summer!

Below are some pictures from my year

Covent Garden

Being disabled and chronically ill means that Yes I’m limited in what I can do,but it doesn’t mean I can’t do anything, some things are harder that’s true, but I’ve learnt that if I really want to do something then a lot of the time I can find a way to work around my limitations and eventually manage it.

2017 was the year in which I grew as a person, took control of my life as best I could and started making decisions for myself. I can’t wait to see where 2018 leads me.

Daniella x x

Places you can find me:

Instagram: @daniella.catherine.louise

Twitter: @DaniellaRosher

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