One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M.McManus Review

I’d seen a lot of people raving about One of Us is Lying prior to purchasing it so after weeks of having it in my Wish-List I finally decided to buy a copy and see for myself just how good it really is.

The story centres around a group of teenagers Bronwyn the “geek” ,Nate the “Criminal”, Cooper the “jock” and Addy the “princess” who become embroiled in the mysterious and shocking death of their classmate Simon, an outcast and the notorious jerk who ran the school gossip app rather akin to that of Gossip Girl, Simon dished out the secrets and scandal of Bayview High regularly, and it just so happens that he had posts waiting to be published the next day, posts with juicy gossip that could possibly destroy a reputation… or four.

Five teenagers were in detention when tragedy struck. Four of them are now suspects.

I’m so glad I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get myself a copy of this book! It’s such an easy read, you could get through it in less than a day. The characters ,whilst being the typical portrayal of teenage stereotypes you find in most YA books, are really easy to engage with. My favourite has to be Nate (I was attracted to the bad boy… as usual)

It was honestly impossible to put down. The story just flowed so smoothly, there wasn’t a page in which I found myself getting bored. It was gripping normally you’ll have an inkling as to who the perpetrator is in these types of books, but this left me constantly wavering and changing my mind.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy read and are a fan of We Were Liars by E.Lockhart or looking for something to take on a long journey or on holiday with you, I highly suggest you grab yourself a copy of One Of Us Is Lying! (What is it with books about liars…?)

All my love as always Daniella x x

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