Why I Can’t Continue Telling My Life Story

I fell out of love with blogging for a while, I think for the most part that was because I didn’t (and still don’t) know what my blog was supposed to be about, what my thing was, but that was stupid. I started writing this because I wanted and needed to share my story, wanted to because I thought it would resonate with some people, needed to because at that time I was struggling a great deal with life and by writing it down I dealt with a lot of the stuff that had been buried away deep inside my head for far too long. Thinking about it maybe that’s why I haven’t written anything deep and heartfelt in a long while, not because I’m better at dealing with things head on, but because there’s stuff I’m not yet ready to deal with and talk about.

I’ve tried many times to continue writing my story, but have yet to find the words or access the correct emotions I need in order to find those words, but that shouldn’t stop me writing whatever else I feel like sharing on here because when I started this I didn’t have any particular category in mind that I wanted my blog to fit into. It was always supposed to be about my thoughts, my life and whatever else I fancy sharing. Hopefully one day I can continue sharing my life story with you, but until then I’m just going to carry on posting my random late night ramblings (as I write this it’s gone way past 12 am… oops) , happy days out, awful attempts at book reviews and we’ll see what else.

Yes it’s a mess, but then again so am I haha.

All my love as always, Daniella x x


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