Dream Accomplished by Elizabeth Gross Review

Dream Accomplished: A Story of Cancer, A Mother’s Love & Taylor Swift by Elizabeth Gross

“You have cancer”. Those words changed my life. After I heard them, all I could think was, “My daughter’s only 8”. It just over whelmed me. “How many dreams would I be able to help her make come true?”

I was approached by the very lovely Elizabeth on Twitter offering to donate a box of copies of her book Dream Accomplished to Spoonie Book Boxes, of course I accepted her generous offer and a couple of weeks later a box of 10 copies arrived at my door. I asked Elizabeth if it would be okay for me to have a little read myself and she very kindly agreed!

Dream Accomplished is the story of Elizabeth’s cancer journey, but more importantly it is the story of her love for her daughter and her dedication to bringing some light back into their life, because as she acknowledges in her book cancer not only affects the person living with it, but it also affects the family and friends of that person.


Written as a sort of guide as well as a thank you to Taylor Swift, I found this to be honest and eye opening. Elizabeth’s journey to find the right help after her rare Cancer diagnosis is infuriating to read because as a fellow Spoonie and someone living with a rare condition I can truly relate to many of the situations she describes in her book, even though we both have very different illnesses. I loved how Elizabeth wrote the truth about painful or scary procedures, but at the same time comforted the reader, always stating how important having them are and how she coped whilst going through them herself, giving tips so that anyone finding themselves going through similar situations can have something to refer to and be readily informed.

Elizabeth’s quest to make her daughters dreams of meeting Taylor Swift come true is the most heart warming read, the journey they went on as a family is wonderful. I was happy and excited reading all the close calls they had and had my fingers crossed that they would eventually find a way to meet Taylor (even though as evidenced by the books cover and name, it’s quite obvious what happened…)

I’m so glad and thankful that I got the chance to read this, because it is quite honestly one of the most heart warming and lovely books I have read and to make it even more lovely Elizabeth and her family donate 100% of the profits to Cancer and Invisible illness research.

All my love as always, Daniella x x

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