Books,Books & More Books!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love books?

Well hello there! It’s me again, back after goodness knows how long (actually I can tell you it’s 6 months and 1 day) and what’s the first post since my hiatus about? Books lol.

This year has been tumultuous for me in many ways, I’ve had fun and…. not so much fun, but one thing that hasn’t failed to stick around is my adoration for the written word. In fact books have played even MORE of a role in my life. Seriously my days seem to centre around books, you’ll hear no complaints from me though! From sending them out, receiving donations of them, listing them and photographing them for Spoonie Book Boxes , reading module books and set texts for my Open University courses, to learning how to write them. I’m constantly surrounded, it seems my path in life will forever be walked (or rolled) with my nose stuck inside a book!

I’ve been debating for a while on what to post on this here blog of mine when I’m having a hard time writing anything about my health or something that you may be seen as find deep and meaningful, I’m finding it incredibly hard to access those thoughts and emotions lately, I think maybe what I can access is a little too personal and raw for me to put into words I’ll be okay with sharing. This comes after many, many attempts and drafts which there are many of sitting waiting to be finished. The conclusion I have come to is maybe I’ll share my thoughts on books I’ve read, makeup, clothes whatever I’ve been up to I just want to fill this little spot of mine with me and get back into the habit of writing so I can finally finish some of these damn drafts.

I’m hoping someone might find it interesting, if not then that’s okay too.

All my love, Daniella x x

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