Taking A “Step” Back

I barely blogged during 2018 which is down to having the worst writers block, but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things this year. Lets wait and see…

I recently made the decision to defer both my Open University modules. I did so feeling very disappointed in myself. But I had been trying so hard to keep up with the work as well as running Spoonie Book Boxes (which I have also had to slow down and stop myself stressing about) I was trying to do all of this whilst also having a rough couple of months health wise, I eventually had to stop and admit that I’d burnt myself out. I couldn’t deal with it all, so I decided I needed to give myself a break and focus on having fun again. In December I went to London with my Mum and had the most fun I’ve had in a while!

Happy Daniella
Meeting Chase Atlantic

Sometimes you need to step back and figure out whether the things you are doing and focusing your energy on are in fact making you happy, because if they’re not it can have a massive impact on your health. I had been stressing myself out so much that I was constantly tired and caught one bug/virus after another. Hopefully I can recuperate now and recharge my battery.

Please look after yourselves, try and do what makes you happy!

All my love, Daniella x x

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