Not “Just” A Headache

The first time I  can remember experiencing a migraine I must’ve been around 10 years old. I remember having to take a week off of school because I had the most awful headache that just wouldn’t stop, luckily for me my Mum knew what was wrong as she suffers from them too.

From then on migraines became a regular occurrence, increasing in frequency and severity throughout my teenage years, I would get at least two every week sometimes even twice in one day, each time I would be forced to stop what I was doing and retreat to a dark room having taken some paracetamol and just wait it out.

For someone who hasn’t experienced a migraine before, it could be difficult to know what to do or what is wrong as the symptoms can be awful to go through or witness a loved one go through as they aren’t like an ordinary headache, there are different types with some quite scary symptoms such as nausea, slurred speech, pins and needles, auras and confusion.

The symptoms I experience are auras, flashing lights, pins and needles in the side of my face and arms, slurred speech, confusion and nausea and vomiting. The first time these symptoms all occurred together I was taken to hospital as my parents feared I was having a stroke it was honestly such a scary experience.

I’ve been given various medications to help prevent them over the years, but have yet to find anything that works, the only things that help me are darkness, quiet, paracetamol and sleep. I wish there was a miracle cure, but unfortunately nothing has worked for me as of yet.

Below is a handy presentation listing the common types of migraines and symptoms in children.

presentation courtesy of Diamond Headache Clinic


If you suffer from migraines, what are some things you have found help? Let me know in the comments!

All my love as always, Daniella x x

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