Spoonie Book Boxes

Last year I decided that I owned WAY too many books and needed to do something about that. At first I tried to sell them, but that took too long and not many people wanted to buy books for a reasonable price, taking them all down to a charity shop was almost impossible to do without transport so I came up with the idea to offer a free bundle of books to any of my fellow Spoonies who requested one.

What I Read This Month: March 2018

I’ve previously attempted to do a monthly reads series on my blog, but after posting a few times I started to feel silly and like they sounded stupid so I deleted them and stopped bothering. But since books are my life and reading is one of my biggest joys, I have decided that I’m going… Continue reading What I Read This Month: March 2018

2017 On Reflection

The year seems to have just wizzed by with barely any time to stop and take note of everything that happened. One thing I can say though is that, as with every other year it’s had its ups and downs. 2017 started off on a low, but somewhere along the line things changed…. in me.… Continue reading 2017 On Reflection